Challenge of the Day – Giggling

From Miriam Webster online:


: to laugh in a nervous or childlike way

Giggling abounds in romance. Why? I have no idea. The majority of adult romance out there equates to mature characters falling in love, old enough to have sexual relations.

Every word that you use in your story is going to establish voice, and with giggling, characterization. If you have a character giggling all the time, what does that tell the reader? That (usually) the girl is a bit naive, a bit child-like. We may also have connotations that we associate with giggling from our past – teenagers, high school, silly blondes. I’m not bashing blondes, but they’ve been used in that context for so long, we automatically see it when it comes to giggling.

Is that who you want your character to be? Or is she a strong, independent woman? Maybe she is shy and timid and you can use that giggle appropriately, but either way, her actions need to match her character.

When editing, I allow giggling to pass more often in the Young Adult genre, but it’s well overused in adult romance. Challenge of the day: Let those women laugh!

Challenge of the Day


For some reason blinking is all the rage these days. Lots of characters blinking, even when in the MC POV. First, if it’s in the MC POV, very rarely do we realize our own blinking, unless we blink back tears or blink away dust and that’s okay. But use in the appropriate circumstance.  
Or if it’s the MC observing the blinking on another character, well that’s kind of the same as above. When you are looking at someone, talking to them, how often do you notice their blinking? Very rarely. And what is it supposed to convey? Surprise? Anger? Sadness? Not really. And there are so many other actions that character could do that would impress on the MC better. And therefore the reader. Give us actions and dialogue to convey what the other character is thinking and feeling. 
Blinking gives the reader very little to go on. Get them out of there! So my challenge to you is to gut those blinks from your manuscripts. 

"A New Year" Submission call for Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing

Part of my role with Lyrical Press, the main digital imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp is looking out for new acquisitions. This Sub Call is good for three months from today. Please email query, manuscript, and synopsis to Corinne: and cc: Martin Biro –

The good news is this year Lyrical is expanding to take on more than just romance. It is still our main genre, but we are looking to include non-romance titles into our catalog, as well.
As of right now, Kensington are looking for the following for Lyrical:

  • Romantic Suspense
  • Straight Suspense
  • Historical Romance
But saying that, Kensington are open to anything that is awesome. So I’m going to stretch those wants a bit farther. I’d love to also see the following:
  • Young Adult historical romance
  • Young Adult dystopian romance
  • Non-romance Young Adult (any subgenre but no angst please)
  • New Adult – the sexier the better
  • Stories set in non-US locations – from Ireland to the Ukraine to Bangladesh (but please, only stories where the author either has intimate knowledge of these locations or has done some hefty research. I can always tell when a writer is fluffing their setting, and setting is key to good storytelling)
  • Romance with the heroines in a high-stress position such as fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, ship captain, surgeon or nontraditional, male-dominated roles, such as construction, mining, space travel, firefighter, camel trainer – you get the idea. Or maybe even if they just have a quirky position in life that others would find interesting because it’s SO different.
  • Pure fantasy romance. Not UF, but pure worldbuilding fantasy with everything from dragons to warlocks to elves. Higher heat level preferred.
  • Romance that includes current events or problems that we face in our society
  • LGBT but with a strong suspense, thriller or otherwise dynamic plot, not just a characterization plot.
* Please allow me a couple months to get back to you, depending on the response from the sub call*
Check out the website for info on what Lyrical offers and submission guidelines. 
Any book over 60K will be released simultaneously in digital and print!

Launch Day

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by. Today is the official launch of my editing site. I’m no designer (I’m an editor ha ha) but what you need to know about me and my editing is all here. But ask away if you can’t find something you are looking for. I’d be glad to hear from you! This site will grow, and in the future, I hope to include more services, plenty of industry recommendations and tips, and sub calls from myself and colleagues.

To celebrate my launch, I’m offering a reduced price on a Full Edit to .007/word for anyone who schedules editing with me (in a freelance capacity, not for Kensington) in the next month. This offer is good until February 28th. Don’t delay too long as I book months in advance.


Thank you and all the best!
– Corinne

At Your Service

Bear with me while I get this baby up and going! By the end of September, early October, I will have up my services and rates, contact form, resume, finished projects. And hopefully (watch this space) I’ll blog about the writing craft and how you can strengthen that manuscript to acquisition!

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