Consultation Special

After doing a week of my own rewrites for my second rugby romance coming out in March, I’ve decided to offer a special on my consultations. So  you don’t have to go through that Hell, and Hell it was as I nixed 15 pages of material, I’m offering consultations at $100 instead of the normal $150.

$100 Consultation Special

I’d forgotten what utter crud it is to have to rework whole sections and chapters of a book, but this last one was a doozy. Why? Because I thought I would give pantsing a go. I’ve always been a plotter, but I wanted to get this next book out fast and thought writing as a pantser was the answer. It may work for some, but not me. And not many good authors out there. To really know your characters, to understand their GMC, to know how they feel and how they will speak. And above and beyond that, a strong plot that brings it all together. And don’t forget to close all your conflict threads by the end! Phew! What voice you want for the story, tense to use, subplots, stringing it together for a series… Lots to remember.

Well, that’s what I’m here to help you with. If you book a consultation between now and January 31st, you get all the same goodies of a regular consultation but for $50 less. Check out those goodies HERE

I have available slots as soon as this week, or book your consultation anytime within three months of sign-up.

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Challenge of the Day


For some reason blinking is all the rage these days. Lots of characters blinking, even when in the MC POV. First, if it’s in the MC POV, very rarely do we realize our own blinking, unless we blink back tears or blink away dust and that’s okay. But use in the appropriate circumstance.  
Or if it’s the MC observing the blinking on another character, well that’s kind of the same as above. When you are looking at someone, talking to them, how often do you notice their blinking? Very rarely. And what is it supposed to convey? Surprise? Anger? Sadness? Not really. And there are so many other actions that character could do that would impress on the MC better. And therefore the reader. Give us actions and dialogue to convey what the other character is thinking and feeling. 
Blinking gives the reader very little to go on. Get them out of there! So my challenge to you is to gut those blinks from your manuscripts.