The consultation service is an initial hour-long conversation between author and myself by skype or phone about your story or stories. It also includes a half hour follow-up discussion within one month of the initial call. With over 16 years in the publishing industry, including five years in genre fiction with a New York publishing house, I have worked with over fifty authors and have edited almost two hundred manuscripts.

This service is meant as an intense planning session for a book or series and to avoid hundreds of hours of rewriting. Many authors know that rewriting happens, but you can avoid much of it by a clear picture and documentation of your story. And with that clarity in mind, an author will be motivated and tend to write faster. Or perhaps something isn’t quite clicking and bogging down your writing process. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start as you stare at the flashing cursor in your blank Word document. Let’s hash it out! The publishing market is only becoming more saturated, so let me help you design an original story with compelling characters and concepts. This service is for authors who are looking for honest feedback on chosen genre and concepts, but also guidance in stories to produce a book that is marketable and will sell.

This consultation service would also be helpful to  publishers who may need an experienced development editor to work with authors who release books frequently to help with planning and execution.

The consultation includes three steps:

1. One hour phone or Skype call to discuss your book or series, which may include the below, but the list is endless depending on your needs.

  • Main characters: GMC, back story, ARCs
  • Secondary characters: Are they needed? Relationship with MCs
  • Plot and sub plots
  • Conflict and resolutions and closing threads
  • Setting and setting changes
  • Genre choice and writing style
  • Voice and person

2. Author creates a story/series outline and sends it back to me for assessment and critique with feedback.

3. Follow-up call to discuss to finalize your story plans!

Consultation is $175.00 USD. Payment through paypal. Contact Me at