“I always hoped I’d find an editor who would not only help me improve my story, but who would also help me hone my craft as a writer. I had no ideaI would receive just that and more in Corinne. She is meticulous, clever, patient, and professional. I can honestly say that she elevates my stories to a level I could not reach on my own. And I feel fortunate to call her my editor and my friend.” – Juliette Cross

“Corinne is thorough, professional, and a joy to work with. She knows how to make your book the best it can be!”  – L.K. Below, Hellish Haven

“Corinne is highly skilled, intuitive, attentive, efficient, and very professional—everything I could possibly ask for in an editor.   I’ve worked with other editors over the years, but they pale in comparison. I dedicated my book, In His Corner, to Corinne as my homage to her.” – Vina Arno, In His Corner

“Working with Corinne has been a dream come true. She is incredibly professional, allows the author to keep their voice, and I always feel safer releasing a book she has worked on with me. The editing is top quality. I absolutely recommend her services to any writer looking to polish their manuscript.” – T. S. Joyce

“As an author it can be an intimidating experience to release your manuscript to the editing process. From my first correspondence with Corinne I was able to relax. Not only does she excel in her editing skills, but she gives step by step guidance, teaching along the way. I found myself looking forward to every round of edits, always eager as to what she would say next.  Corinne is a treasure trove of information, doing her research and finding the best way to improve my work. I not only acquired an education in the process, but I also received a friend along the way, a kindred spirit who fell in love with my characters and believed in my work. That is truly a rare find.” – Denise Daisy, One Last Time

“Corinne has an eye for detail and a masterful command of the English language. She improved my writing a hundredfold, and I have learned so much from her since we started working together. Highly recommended!” – Serenity Woods

“Corinne DeMaagd is an outstanding editor. She cracks the whip in the nicest possible way, and makes the whole process both entertaining and educational. I’ve worked with her on two full-length Science Fiction Romance manuscripts and a short. I will be using her in future for an Urban Fantasy as well.  A great mix of thorough and patient, I strongly recommend her services.  If your man-root finds itself in the she-woman’s cave, Corinne will sort it out for you.” – Sabine Priestley

“It’s been my great pleasure to have Corinne DeMaagd as my editor at Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Press. I’m continually amazed by her meticulous eye for detail and the thorough care she employs when editing my work. At this point, we have only produced one book together, but I look forward to many more. Not only does Corinne ensure my work is polished, but she makes the entire editing process fun. I’ve learned a great deal from her, and can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Mae Clair, Myth and Magic

“Corinne has a strong eye for detail. She saw the big picture and encouraged me to work each scene for maximum impact. Whether plot detail, setting, or characterization, her insight helped to enrich and strengthen my story. If you are serious about improving the quality of your writing and willing to do the hard work it takes to get there, then I highly recommend Corinne!” – Monica McCabe, Diamond Legacy

“Corinne is not my sycophant nor my rah rah cheerleader. She’s a ruthlessly professional editor, sounding board for ideas and language, and an immediate responder to email. Corinne makes books better reads and authors better writers.” – P.H. Turner

“Working with an industry professional to ensure high quality work is a must in the world of publishing. My experiences with Corinne have not only been wonderful in that regard, but I find myself channeling her as I add new words to the page. My writing has vastly improved through interactions with her, to the point that I feel confident each time I share my work with the world. She adheres to established deadlines and her comments are thoughtful spot-on. I couldn’t ask for a better guide in developing and editing the story.” – Gemma Brocato